Effective Periodontal Treatments

Detect Periodontal Disease Fast

Early detection and diagnosis of periodontal disease can mean the difference between cleaning and other treatments or the necessity of surgery. If you are worried about the possibility of developing periodontal disease, come in and see the professionals at Dennison, Magnin & Oberdorfer Family Care Dentistry.

Put your faith in a locally owned dental clinic that has been offering nothing but the best in oral health care services since 1981. Make an appointment with us and put worries about the health of your teeth to rest.

Improve Your Oral Hygiene

After treatment of your periodontal disease is taken care of, it is important to maintain an improved level of oral hygiene to ensure that infection does not strike again. Our dental experts help you take the first step toward improved oral hygiene and make periodontal disease a thing of the past.
Call 715-735-3337 with all of your questions about periodontal disease.
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